10 Most Popular Majors in Florida

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Florida, known as the Sunshine State, is not only a top tourist destination but also a hub for education. With more than 180 four-year schools to choose from, Florida offers a wide array of academic opportunities.

In this article, we will explore the 10 most popular majors in Florida, shedding light on why students flock to these fields.

10 Most Popular Majors in Florida

1. Business

Business is the most sought-after major in Florida, and it’s easy to see why. With its flexibility and the promise of lucrative careers, business degrees are in high demand. They open doors to various subdisciplines like accounting, finance, and management, aligning perfectly with Florida’s booming headquarters and financial services sectors.

Job Opportunities: Graduates with business degrees can explore careers in financial analysis, human resources, and accounting. They often find employment in the state’s thriving business sector.

Average Annual Salary (May 2022): $78,600 for business and financial occupations.

2. Health Sciences

In a state with the third-largest healthcare workforce in the nation, health sciences degrees are a natural choice. These degrees provide a foundational understanding of the human body and serve as stepping stones to various healthcare professions.

Job Opportunities: Health sciences graduates have opportunities in fields like nursing, dietetics, and medical technology, with Florida’s healthcare sector constantly in need of skilled professionals.

Average Annual Salary (May 2022): $89,800 for healthcare practitioners and technical occupations.

3. Psychology

The study of human behavior, psychology, offers versatile skills applicable in various professional fields. It’s the sixth-most awarded bachelor’s degree in Florida, providing opportunities in healthcare, business, and counseling sectors.

Job Opportunities: Psychology majors can pursue careers in counseling, marketing, and psychology, applying their critical thinking and research skills in various settings.

Average Annual Salary (May 2022): $94,240 for clinical and counseling psychologists.

4. Engineering

Engineering, with its problem-solving approach, enjoys immense popularity in Florida. Engineers can specialize in diverse areas such as aerospace, nuclear, industrial, and chemical engineering, contributing to innovation and safety.

Job Opportunities: Engineers in Florida specialize in aerospace, nuclear, industrial, and chemical engineering, contributing to innovation and safety in various industries.

Average Annual Salary (May 2022): $85,580 for architecture and engineering occupations.

5. Biological Sciences

Biological sciences majors delve into the study of living organisms, including genetics, microbiology, and ecology. The thriving life sciences sector in Florida ensures ample opportunities for graduates.

Job Opportunities: Graduates of biological sciences programs can work as agricultural and food science technicians, microbiologists, or environmental scientists in Florida’s thriving life sciences sector.

Average Annual Salary (May 2022): $69,110 for life, physical, and social science occupations.

6. Nursing

Nursing programs prepare students to offer care in various healthcare settings. In a state facing a potential nursing shortage, nursing majors not only provide job security but also the chance to make a positive impact on communities.

Job Opportunities: Florida faces a growing need for nurses. Nursing graduates can pursue careers as registered nurses, nurse anesthetists, nurse midwives, or nurse practitioners.

Average Annual Salary (May 2022): $79,910 for registered nurses.

7. Education

Education majors acquire skills for teaching, curriculum development, and classroom management. With over 4,200 public schools and millions of students in Florida, education graduates play a vital role in shaping the state’s future.

Job Opportunities: Education majors can become teachers, administrators, or training and development specialists in Florida’s extensive public school system.

Average Annual Salary (May 2022): $55,820 for educational instruction and library occupations.

8. Computer Science

Computer science majors study various aspects of computing, offering a foundation for technology-related careers. Florida’s tech industry, one of the nation’s largest, provides numerous opportunities for computer science graduates.

Job Opportunities: Computer science graduates are in high demand in Florida’s tech industry, with opportunities in computer systems analysis, information security, software development, and network administration.

Average Annual Salary (May 2022): $94,200 for computer and mathematical occupations.

9. Oceanography

Florida’s coastal location makes oceanography a unique and attractive major. With immediate access to the ocean, students can explore ocean ecosystems and their impact on the environment.

Job Opportunities: Oceanography graduates can work as oceanographers, marine biologists, marine technicians, or environmental geologists, benefiting from Florida’s coastal location.

Average Annual Salary (May 2022): $92,190 for geoscientists.

10. Humanities

The humanities major encompasses arts and languages, celebrating cultural diversity. In a diverse state like Florida, humanities graduates contribute to the preservation and exchange of cultural traditions.

Job Opportunities: Humanities majors can pursue careers as writers, public relations specialists, artists, and marketing specialists, contributing to Florida’s diverse cultural landscape.

Average Annual Salary (May 2022): $62,450 for arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media occupations.

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