5 Facts About The College of Nursing

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5 Facts About The College of Nursing

The Faculty of Nursing is one of the main options in the area of Health and a great alternative for those who want to take care of people. If you feel that this might be the right choice for your life, it’s time to get to know the course better.

So, come to know 5 facts about the College of Nursing and learn what it has to offer! The facts and curiosities about the Faculty of Nursing When choosing a course, there are so many alternatives available… If the Nursing course is among your options, how about knowing some facts about it?

1. Nursing does not only work to support doctors

Many people still have the idea that those who are trained in this area only act as an “assistants” for doctors. But that’s not the reality, you know?

As a nurse, you will have the chance to develop care protocols, perform procedures and even follow typical cases – such as prenatal care. Your role goes far beyond following the doctor’s instructions, okay?

2. Working in hospitals and clinics is just a possibility

There is also the idea that nurses only work in the hospital or clinic. But, today, it is possible to take advantage of many other career opportunities — and that is ideal for all types of professionals.

It is possible to work in emergency or work nursing, for example. It is also possible to work in long-stay institutions for the elderly or even work privately or in-home care. With the diploma in hand, there will be no shortage of opportunities for you to achieve your goals!

3. New areas of activity are emerging

The new needs of the human being and the advances in the Health area have created new possibilities of action for those who do Nursing. See just a few of them:

  • Aesthetic Nursing;
  • Aromatherapy;
  • Nursing in Management and Management;
  • Nursing in Pain Management;
  • Aerospace Nursing.

Stay tuned: several of these branches are going to be on the rise in the coming years.

4. Registration with the Regional Council is essential

Many people do not know, but to work in the area with everything right, it is necessary to register with the Regional Council of Nursing (COREN). This institution is responsible for regulating the profession and preventing anyone from presenting himself as a nurse.

In addition, it is the entity responsible for fighting for compliance with the salary floor, working hours and issues of this type. Registration can be done as soon as you graduate and must be renewed annually. That way, your performance will follow all the rules.

5. You can do humanitarian work abroad

Some international organizations have programs for professionals and students in the field to work — on a voluntary or paid basis in other countries. Among the most common destinations are nations in Africa, Central America and Asia. Quite an opportunity to get to know other cultures and help people in need, isn’t it?

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The essential characteristics of the student of the Faculty of Nursing

To do well in this graduation and, later, in the career, the ideal is to have the right profile. After all, these are the qualities that you will use every day and that will allow you to excel in achieving your goals. Want to know if you fit perfectly in this profession? Discover the qualities of the ideal professional!

1. Empathy

Being empathetic is essential for anyone who wants to work in the Nursing field. After all, you will be dealing with people who are often vulnerable and need special attention. Knowing how to put yourself in the shoes of others and seek the well-being of the patient is essential to providing excellent care.

2. Communication

Knowing how to communicate is important for all professions, after all, teamwork is part of everyday life. In addition to contact with patients, there are conversations with doctors and other nurses and health professionals. So, you need to be flexible, know how to deal with other views and communicate correctly.

3. Commitment

Responsibility is common to all successful professionals. We’re talking about people’s well-being, health, and lives, aren’t we? All this requires the utmost care and commitment. Therefore, it is expected that, as a student and future professional, you will be able to remain responsible and attentive to your obligations.

4. Willing to help

Anyone studying Nursing must be willing to help people — regardless of who they are or the picture presented. Through your knowledge and experiences, that is exactly what you will do: help. That’s what will make you follow all the protocols and always try to update yourself, because patients deserve the best, right?

It’s also something that has everything to do with job satisfaction. There is nothing better than facing a challenge and, in the end, being able to help those who needed your support so much.

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