6 Psychology Practice Areas You Need to Know

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6 Psychology Practice Areas You Need to Know

Psychology has gained strength in recent centuries and, today, it is an important tool for us to understand the world. As there are many aspects to observe, we highlight the areas of Psychology that stand out.

If you are thinking about choosing this higher course, start by thinking about the job possibilities. It is time to understand what is to come and what are the prospects for having a successful career. Want to know what these points are? So, come and discover 6 areas of Psychology performance!

1. Social Psychology

As humans, we are social beings and we have different types of relationships in everyday life. Social psychologists study just this and try to identify the extent to which our attitudes influence and are influenced by others. In this role, you will use surveys, experiments, and other activities to understand and even predict behavior.

What are the trends?

Today, social psychologists are important to the scientific community and even to companies such as advertising agencies, as they help to understand consumers. In the near future, we can expect increasingly in-depth studies on our relationship with technology — with robots and artificial intelligence, for example.

2. Hospital Psychology

Another field of action of Psychology is the hospital. In this field, the professional works in clinics, hospitals and health care centers. The work is done both with patients and with their families and companions. It is a very important role in sudden conditions, major risk surgeries, prolonged illnesses or terminal conditions.

What are the trends?

Currently, we are moving towards an increasingly humanized service, especially in delicate moments. Considering that psychological disorders such as depression may become even more frequent, this area will gain prominence.

3. Educational Psychology

Those who choose the faculty of Psychology can also get involved with work in the educational sector. If you follow this path, you will become better acquainted with the learning process in and out of school with educators and students. In addition to understanding how each person learns, it allows exploring memory, evaluation processes, and so on.

What are the trends?

We can already see that this area has sought to work on the importance of personalized learning, adapted to the rhythms and needs of each person. In the coming years, we will see more integration with technology and the development of new processes to accelerate learning.

4. Sport Psychology

One of the most curious areas of Psychology is the one focused on sport. Your role, as a professional in the segment, is to help athletes and even coaches with issues of motivation, focus, and preparation. The main objective is to improve sports performance, helping athletes with their emotions, thoughts, relationships with teammates, anxiety, among other factors.. Awesome, isn’t it?

What are the trends?

Although this segment is quite recent, it is in full development. Currently, and in the future, it is possible to expect the creation of mental training and ways to reinforce skills. Issues such as visual attention, anticipation, and perception of time stand out.

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5. Legal Psychology

Psychological analysis in the legal area makes it possible to profile criminals, assess and support victims, and can be decisive in judgments and actions. Connected to Law in a unique way, it generates a differentiated performance. If you work in this area, you will be responsible for reports and expertise, in addition to assisting detainees, their families, and even the victims themselves – especially in sensitive cases.

What are the trends?

This forensic performance has already been used in some cases. At the same time, the promise is that, with the modernization of laws and penalties, the forensic psychologist will gain a lot of prominences. With new evaluation methodologies, including analysis of lies, the field will only grow.

6. Community Psychology

A recent concept, but one that promises to develop, is that of community psychology. You will have the role of helping communities, groups, or associations to achieve common goals. More than helping to face difficult times, the professional in this segment works with the change of scenario and even with the prevention, as is the case of bullying or prejudice.

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