What is the importance of health professionals for society?

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What is the importance of health professionals for society?

Although health professionals have always been fundamental to society, the pandemic has put its importance in evidence. After all, the spread of the new coronavirus generated a global public health crisis and caused millions of deaths.

In this scenario, health professionals were on the front lines, doing everything possible and impossible to save lives. Next, let’s talk about the role of these professionals, how to value them and the way to be part of this great team!

Health professionals: learn about some of the most important categories The doctor is usually the first professional to be remembered when it comes to health. Although the importance of this professional is undeniable, it is worth remembering other categories that play an essential role in primary health care. See below:

1. Nurse

Nurses are those who are in direct contact with the patient. Although they are not responsible for the cases, without them no health unit works. This is because they perform various functions, such as:

  • provide the first service;
  • monitor patients;
  • apply medications;
  • perform exams;
  • among many others

2. Physical therapist

The physical therapist can work with different profiles of patients, from one who had an accident and broke an arm to another who spent a lot of time in an ICU. After all, people can have their mobility impaired for several reasons. And the pandemic served as an alert for the appreciation of physical therapists, as they were highly demanded to help in the recovery of patients with covid-19.

3. Dentist

Oral health is a more serious matter than many people realize. Despite being a better-known professional, not everyone understands the importance of the dentist. A problem in the mouth can compromise many aspects of people’s health. Even the recovery of inpatients. Therefore, to say that the dentist provides primary health care is no exaggeration.

4. Biomedic

Do you know what a biomedical doctor does? Being behind the scenes in the health area, few people know what this professional does. Vaccines and medicines used to treat diseases are developed by biomedical professionals. From a lot of research and testing, they try to find the best ways to treat the population’s health problems.

5. Physical educator

The physical educator could not be left out of this list, as he is the one who helps society to stay healthy. And, thus, avoid the development of health problems resulting from a sedentary lifestyle. Whether through classes in schools or specific services, these professionals set up a series of activities suited to the profile of each one.

6. Psychologist

We live in a moment when mental health care has become even more urgent. With this, the importance of psychologists also increased. Many people suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, and various other disorders that affect their everyday lives.

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How to value health professionals? Check out 5 practices!

The pandemic has opened up to society the difficult reality that many health professionals have to face every day. But is it possible to take action so that they feel valued as they should? We have some suggestions:

1. Empathy

Cultivating empathy with those you know who work in the health area is already quite a help, you know? Just offer to help or just chat when the person needs it. It is also worth practicing empathy when you are in a health unit to receive care. Remember that health professionals are doing their best, even in the face of so many challenges.

2. Psychological support

Especially in times of a pandemic, it is impossible for the mental health of these professionals not to be shaken. Even in the most stressful moments, they can’t put their activities aside. After all, they are dealing with the lives of patients. Therefore, both health organizations and the population must always reinforce the need to take care of the psychological of those who care so much for others.

3. Professional training

Another point that we need to think about is the training of health professionals. Can they deepen their studies in their areas? There needs to be an incentive for them to continue their studies. In this way, they can feel more valued, grow in their careers and have a better quality of life.

4. Good working conditions

In a pandemic scenario, the extra care that must be offered to professionals who are on the front line are clear. The priority is to ensure adequate protective materials and access to frequent examinations. But care also applies at other times. It is essential that health facilities ensure the necessary equipment and a good working environment.

5. Attractive salaries

The remuneration paid to professionals is one of the factors that impact the feeling of appreciation. If we are talking about people who play an essential role in the health and well-being of society, nothing is fairer than guaranteeing good salaries for them. In fact, we hope that this is a legacy left by the pandemic period, in which the importance of these professionals became more evident.

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