7 tips on how to study current affairs and do well in college entrance exams

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7 tips on how to study current affairs and do well in college entrance exams

How to study current affairs! It is necessary to have this knowledge, as this Exam asks some questions about the main events in the country and in the world in recent periods. In this way, seeking information to know what is happening in society is essential to get an excellent grade!

However, it is important that such content is true and published in reliable sources so as not to fall into the trap of fake news. To help you in this task, we will show you why such topics are charged in the Exam and 7 tips on how to study current affairs. Let’s check it out?

How are current affairs charged in the Exam?

In this way, subjects that address current events can be charged in the objective questions of all areas of knowledge. Usually, they appear through a text that contextualizes the subject, before the question. Another way they appear is in the writing test.

It is worth noting that the themes of the proposal are based on current and relevant issues for society. Therefore, it is good to be on top of everything that is on the rise to better prepare for the Exam. To help you, we have prepared a list of 8 tips on how to study current affairs.

7 Here are some tips on how to study current events for college entrance exams It is extremely important to study current affairs for the entrance exams, as you can see. Following our tips, you will be able to keep up to date to ensure a great performance in the tests and conquer the dream place in some higher education institutions.

1. Follow the news on TV

One of the most practical ways to study current affairs is by following the news programs that are shown on open or cable channels. All of them are broadcast at the same time, so it’s easy to create a routine while you prepare your coffee or a snack, for example.

In addition, there are several debate programs, interviews and documentaries that address current issues most relevant to society. They contribute a lot to the construction and formation of your opinion.

Check out a list of programs to start looking for information:

  • The league;
  • Journal of Culture;
  • Future newspaper;
  • Panel;
  • Profession Reporter;
  • Provocations;
  • Live Wheel.

2. Listen to radio shows and podcasts

Even though many people today do not listen to the radio, it can still be a very accessible and practical tool. This is possible since all cell phones have a radio application that does not need to use the internet to work.

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There are many programs and radio channels dedicated to the latest news happening in the world. In addition, it is possible to find podcasts that address different subjects when using other applications, for example.

3. Read news portals on the internet

Several news sites on the internet offer a very good volume of information for free and practical, requiring only an internet connection. So, you can access it from your computer or cell phone. Another advantage of being informed through these portals refers to their updating, since they happen almost in real-time with the news. Some of the most popular sites are BBC, G1 and R7.

4. Read the print media

Even though news portals have the advantage of being accessed at any time, newspapers, magazines and printed almanacs also have their advantages when studying. That way, you can see how other points of view are built on the same topic. In addition, the printed material also brings another difference, which is the in-depth treatment of the subject, contributing even more to the construction of ideas.

5. Beware of fake news

When doing research on the internet on the topics that are most prominent in society, it is important that you be very careful with the famous fake news. Therefore, check from which source that information comes from and even if it comes or not. A great tip on how to study current affairs away from dubious news is to always follow recognized pages and portals. This is important, as they are committed to informing citizens of the truth.

6. Follow study-oriented YouTube channels

Watching videos can also be a great way to study current affairs. There are many numbers of channels that provide short and free videos so you can update yourself.

7. Study text interpretation to understand the news

The seventh tip on how to study current affairs is: to study text interpretation. Current affairs topics seen on portals and websites may also require a good understanding of what is being discussed. So, the more you know how to interpret and understand texts, the better your grade will be.

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