How to make them study sheets?

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You can use study sheets to fix school content by learning how to make them study sheets

Undoubtedly, study sheets are very useful, as they summarize important points of a given subject, in addition to containing associations and presenting a very dynamic look through colors.

Many students like to study using this resource since the cards organize all the information and help to better retain the contents learned. Do you want to know how to make study sheets to have a better school performance? So, let’s learn with the 10 tips in this article!

What are study sheets?

The study sheet corresponds to the main notes that are taken about certain content. Therefore, they are something very personal and are not meant to be shared with other people to study, as each one understands or keeps the information in different ways.

Therefore, they are made by summaries in each student’s own words about the information studied and can be presented in plain text or by topics. Its main feature is to present the main points of the subject studied, in addition to the interpretations and relationships that are made.

Another important aspect is that they should not contain excessive writing, as this can get in the way when reviewing. Making study cards is very simple, but before you see our 10 tips on how to make study cards, prepare the following materials:

  • pens;
  • colored pencils;
  • half sheets of A4 paper or other sizes you think is best

Here are some tips for creating study sheets With the materials in hand, see below some examples of how to make study sheets to help you memorize, understand and review the contents.

1. Choose the format of the study sheets

As mentioned in the list of materials, there is not just one format for how to make study sheets. You who will decide the best format to study. Of course, this will also depend on the amount of content you are going to write, which can be something more similar to the notebook itself or of smaller sizes.

2. Summarize the main idea

To create a summary, the first thing you need to find is the central idea of the content. From this highlight, you will be able to make more notes, associations and write other necessary points. This tip on how to make study sheets is also related to the amount of information that will be laid out on paper. To be a study sheet, it is not interesting to go out writing everything about the subject, so it is necessary to locate the essential point to relate to other questions.

3. Point out important details

As we’ve seen, the worksheet has limited space for easy review and later study, but that doesn’t mean you need to leave important details out of it. Remember that such ideas will make a big difference to fully understand the subject, and consequently in your performance. So, write down the important details.

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4. Use different colors

Since colors also serve to make your study sheets more eye-catching, why not apply some codes to them? You can, for example, apply the color green to the contents that you understand well and yellow to those that you need to look at more carefully, etc. Thus, you are free to use the colors you like the most, doing it strategically in your studies.

5. Draw symbols or illustrations

Another tip on how to make study sheets is to make them look more visual. For this, you can use simpler resources such as arrows, icons, graphics, etc. If you have the gift of line, creating drawings that relate to the subject is also a good thing! This is important, as we have a photographic memory, so you will also have another resource to help you remember at the time of the assessment.

6. Know how to use the spaces in the study sheets

Here, the tip on how to make study cards is somewhere in between. It won’t do you any good to use all the space on the sheet, in order to squeeze the letters to fit a lot of information. On the other hand, it is also useless to leave a large amount of empty space, with few details about the subject studied.

7. Note the source of the information

This tip makes a lot of sense when you need to present the bibliography about some content. So, when resuming your study sheets, if these notes are all right, you won’t waste time looking for the original material to do this. This is also a way for you to get used to making references in your studies, as this is highly demanded in the academic, professional, etc.

8. Clean up if needed

When we make quick notes, we don’t always visualize the result we would like to have on paper, do we? The spelling may be illegible, some errors may escape, etc. The act of going over a study sheet can help even more to memorize the information. So don’t hesitate to redo the material, the information is so condensed that it’s worth the sacrifice.

9. Organize the study sheets by titles and subtitles

To make your study even more organized, another tip on how to make study sheets is to correctly inform which subject they refer to. See an example for the Portuguese course.

  • Title: nouns;
  • Subtopics: types of nouns, gender of nouns, number of nouns, and degree of nouns.

Thus, you can already see the number of chips you will need to assemble, as well as you can choose whether to combine the contents or divide by more chips. Remember that this depends a lot on how you prefer to organize your studies. But, after defining a style, always try to follow the same construction so you don’t leave your files disorganized.

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