03 Fully Funded PhD Programs at University of Hertfordshire, England

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Are you holding Master’s degree and looking for fully funded PhD positions? University of Hertfordshire, England invites online application for multiple funded PhD Programs / fully funded PhD positions in various research areas.

Candidates interested in fully funded PhD positions can check the details and may apply as soon as possible. Interested and eligible applicants may submit their online application for PhD programs via the University’s Online Application Portal. 

1. Fully Funded PhD Position in Artificial Intelligence

Summary of PhD Program:

Our previous work in ACCOMPANY project and recent collaboration with the North Hertfordshire County Council, focuses on person and activity detection in ambient assisted living scenarios. The next natural progression in this work is to improve the technological readiness of systems for deployment in supervised and unsupervised settings. This involves working on detection algorithms fidelity, as well as user interfaces for the triad of care, the person under care, their relatives, and the service provider.

The goal is to detect people and objects and what people do with objects. This then serves as a repository of activities that are automatically detected in support of independent living. The PhD involves both elements of robotics and artificial intelligence to enable accurate detection of activities in a robot-mediated interaction scenario.

Application Deadline: 31 August 2023

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2. Fully Funded PhD Position in Machine Learning

Summary of PhD Program:

In recent years, there has been a significant progress in the application of Machine Learning (ML) across various domains. Emerging techniques such as DDPG (Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient), PPO (Proximal Policy Optimisation), and TD3 (Twin Delayed DDPG) have shown promising performance in dealing with control systems. However, the performance and robustness of these algorithms are still undergoing investigation, and their generalisability compared to conventional adaptive and robust controllers remains not fully comprehended.

This project aims to comprehensively analyse the performance and robustness of state-of-the-art ML techniques on control system problems. It will extract both the limitations and advantages of these algorithms. Moreover, the project will develop novel ML solutions that not only push performance boundaries but also exhibit superior generalisability compared to traditional adaptive control methods. Rigorous theoretical and statistical analysis will be carried out to prove the effectiveness of these proposed techniques. Hence, a strong foundation in mathematical and control theory is essential for conducting this research.

Application Deadline: 4 September 2023

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3. Fully Funded PhD Position in Psychology

Summary of PhD Program:

The project will involve adapting the autobiographical memory task to include larger numbers of cue-words, in both young and older adults (Study 1), and using the adapted paradigm in two fMRI studies examining direct and effortful retrieval processes in young adults (Study 2) and in healthy older adults (Study 3). Given related fMRI studies on spontaneous cognition and early Alzheimer’s Disease, it is expected that direct retrieval of autobiographical memories will be associated with greater activity in posterior parts of the default mode network (e.g., the posterior cingulate cortex; Kvavilashvili et al., 2020), whereas effortful retrieval will be associated with activity in cognitive control (e.g., frontal) networks, and the latter will decline with age.

Application Deadline: 17 September 2023

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