Is it worth studying on holiday?

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Is it worth studying on holiday?

It’s less than a month until the day of the exam, and there’s still a long holiday in the middle of the way. Enjoy the quieter days and rest or reinforce your studies for the final stretch? We has put together some tips on how you can make the most of these days and prepare for the big day.

It is possible that, after a whole year of studying and preparing, you want to enjoy the holiday and rest, relax and forget about all the pressure that involves the Exam. This is a natural reaction, but with so little left to complete the goal, totally relaxing and putting aside studies may not be the most appropriate.

If you had a productive, focused year and followed your Study Plan correctly, you have room for more rest during the holiday. On the other hand, if the Study Plan has been forgotten, if the content for the test has accumulated and you are late, then it’s time to speed up and make up for a lost time.

The holiday for those with the study plan up to date

You planned yourself at the beginning of the year, structured your study plan, and followed the established steps to the letter. This meant that much of the scheduled content was covered within the deadline, leaving you practically prepared to rock the Exam.

This organization allows you to have some free time on holiday to rest and spend time with family and friends. In this case, not studying for a day or two will not significantly interfere with your performance during the test, because by now you have already gone through the main contents and it is already time to start revisions to reinforce everything that has been seen during the year.

If it’s important for you to study a little every day to feel safe and get that feeling that you’re doing your part the right way, set aside half a day or 2-hour periods to study something important. The period of rest and relaxation is important to keep your spirits up, recharge your energies and rest your mind to absorb more information. So don’t skip this step.

The holiday for those with a delayed study plan

If your case is the opposite, you have put your study plan aside and the content has accumulated during the year, the holiday is a good time to try to make up for some lost time. It is necessary to be aware that it is not possible to study a whole year’s subject in just 4 days. Trying to do that is opening space for frustration to enter.

How to make them study sheets?

To make the best use of the time available on the holiday, it is essential to plan what will be studied, and establish schedules that need to be adhered to to optimize the study. With less than a month to go before the Exam, the ideal would be to reinforce subjects that you already do well and leave them on the tip of your tongue.

Trying to study content you haven’t paid attention to all year and learn it at the last minute may not be a good idea. The learning process consumes a lot of dedication, so, in order not to feel pressured and end up using the time in an ineffective way, focus your attention on topics already studied before. So let’s go calmly and in a planned way, okay?

If I travel, is it worth studying?

Whenever a holiday approaches, the urge to travel and relax usually sets in. But what about when the most important test of the year is coming, what to do? Here the idea is the same, if you have your study plan up to date, you can choose not to study during the holiday and take the opportunity to rest.

You can also set aside time during your trip to review some content that needs to be reinforced. If you’re late for a story, but you’ve received a travel invitation, don’t worry. There is no need to give up leisure and rest.

But you need to set aside some time during the fun to be able to study and try to catch up with part of the subjects that fall in the Exam. But try not to take all the material on the trip, it is very difficult for you to have time to see everything. Separate the material strictly necessary for it to be a directed study.

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