10 Best Photo Scanning Software of 2023

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What Is Photo Scanning Software?

A picture scanning software is used with slide scanners or some other imaging equipment to create, edit, digitize and evaluate images in high resolution. Having installed a photo scanner program, you will easily restore your family albums, work with business documents, etc.

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1. VueScan

Key Features

βœ“ The easiest way to see if VueScan works with your scanner is to download and try it. But you can also view the lists of all of the scanners VueScan supports.

βœ“ VueScan has the features you need no matter what you need to scan.

βœ“ Whether you need to scan a single page or a hundred page book, VueScan has the tools to help you.

βœ“ Do you have boxes full of photos in a drawer? Use VueScan to get them on your computer, and off your to-do list.

βœ“ VueScan is the ultimate tool for all your film and slide scanning needs.

βœ“ VueScan Basic Edition introduces a low price option for customers who just want to keep their scanner working without advanced features.

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2. Readiris 17

Key Features

βœ“ Rapidly capture and convert your documents to editable PDFs with Readiris 17 for windows with easy management of your documents.

βœ“ Ideal for collaboration, Readiris 17 offers a group of tools to attach annotations, comments and hypertext lines which can be clicked on to reach attached documents.

βœ“ Nothing simpler than being able to simply sign and protect your PDFs to send them electronically.

βœ“ Readiris 17 makes digitization and conversion of your paper documents possible with one click to a variety of formats, creating accurate text with a few clicks.

βœ“ The optical character recognition engine allows you to recover texts in all kinds of files, with perfect accuracy, preserving the original format for a variety of source or target file formats.

βœ“ Readiris software converts all your files into audio files (.mp3, .wav, etc.), for easy and accurate readings. You can listen to your audio files on any device (tablet, smart phone or desktop).

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3. ScanSpeeder

Key Features

βœ“ This photo scanning software brings your precious photos into the digital world. Anyone can scan multiple photos at once using your printer/scanner, making scanning of old photos much faster, easier and cost effective.

βœ“ Scan in 65,000 shades of each color vs competitors’ 256. Great for editing and display on next generation monitors and TVs.

βœ“ Works with album pages, scrapbooks, sports cards, collectibles, coins, and eBay items too.

βœ“ Auto Separate and Straighten Better than Competitors.

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4. CamScanner

Key Features

βœ“ Scan documents with a mobile phone, auto-remove messy background, and generate HD images or PDF files.

βœ“ Print wirelessly, and send a fax to more than 30 countries around the globe.

βœ“ Extract a large amount of text from images in a second, with 40 languages supported (English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.).

βœ“ Sync and backup documents to access them across all your devices, anytime, anywhere.

βœ“ Merge, split, compress, and add e-signatures and watermarks to PDF files.

βœ“ Manage files across multiple devices (phones, tablets and computers). Share documents in various ways (email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

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5. Scanitto Pro

Key Features

βœ“ Scanitto Pro supports the overwhelming majority of scanners, both mainstream and professional, and is extremely easy to configure.

βœ“ Scan and save your documents as PDF, BMP, JPG, TIFF, JP2 and PNG files. You can even make multi-page PDF or TIFF documents.

βœ“ Scanitto Pro offers one-click scanning and copying through TWAIN drivers, which provide exceptional scan/copy quality and speed. In addition, Scanitto Pro seamlessly integrates with Windows to provide a complete document management environment which is intuitive and very easy to use.

βœ“ Create searchable multi-page PDF documents with unprecedented ease.

βœ“ Unlike more complex solutions aimed at purely professional use, this product is simple enough for regular users with no technical background and no prior experience with this type of software.

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6. BlindScanner

Key Features

βœ“ BlindScanner is a software that allows you to share a scanner with other users in a given home or office network. It will allow you to scan images remotely, even when the scanner is located in a different place.

βœ“ BlindScanner has simple user interface whilst still remaining a powerful network scanner sharing tool. Set up server and clients within 3 clicks.

βœ“ Need your scanner under Terminal Session or RDP – just install BlindScanner and enjoy. Scan directly from your desktop scanner into hosted application with no efforts.

βœ“ Featuring stream compression BlindScanner saves bandwidth and speeds up image transferring from scanner to client. It doesn’t require too much drive space or special hardware to install.

βœ“ If you are puzzled by how to scan documents wirelessly and view scans on your laptop, BlindScanner definitely is all you need. You can scan remotely on the move without any wires and connections.

βœ“ Load document feeder, press Scan button and get digitized copy of your document. BlindScanner supports automatic document feeders (ADF) and 2-sided (duplex) documents scanning to help scan huge documents.

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7. ScanPapyrus

Key Features

βœ“ With this scanner software, you can scan a document without moving back and forth between the scanner and the computer.

βœ“ ScanPapyrus can help you do it more quickly and easily! Just set the time interval for ScanPapyrus to wait, before it scans the next page. In that time, you can turn the book page or change the document page on the scanner, and it will automatically scan the next page.

βœ“ With ScanPapyrus, you can scan two pages at once. This means you can create high-quality digital copies of your books in half the time! Now you don’t need to scan each book page separately. Just scan a book spread, and the scanning software will automatically split the scanned image into two pages.

βœ“ You can both improve scan quality and scan documents more quickly! Was the page placed crooked on the scanner glass? ScanPapyrus will automatically deskew the scanned image.

βœ“ ScanPapyrus can easily remove the black strips around the edge of each scanned image. It can increase the text sharpness, automatically adjust the contrast, cut off the unnecessary edges, and clean up a grayish page background by replacing it with a white one.

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8. SilverFast

Key Features

βœ“ SilverFast 9 continues the success story of the world’s most famous scanner software with powerful improvements. Our extensive know-how of 30 years of image processing and color management has gone into the development of this new major release.

βœ“ This well-known scanner software aims at all those, who want to get the most out of their scanners when creating digital images. Proven and innovative tools.

βœ“ HDR Studio is different and this is on purpose. It focuses on the essential functionality of image editing and it masters this perfectly.

βœ“ The Archive Suite is the complete solution. It provides a unique concept for efficiently digitizing and processing your images.

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9. AutoSplitter

Key Features

βœ“ This multiple photo scanning software will automatically crop your scan of several images. Place as many photos on your flatbed scanner as you can fit and scan.

βœ“ This software will automatically detect individual photos from the scan and will divide the image. Photos will be straightened and saved into separate image files. Scan all your family photos quickly. Multiple baseball cards, postcards and other rectangular prints can also be scanned efficiently at once.

βœ“ AutoSplitter will auto detect, straighten and highlight separate photos in your scan – adjust the detected areas at this point with your mouse if you need to. Detected photos are called “splits”.

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10. Scanitto Lite

Key Features

βœ“ Scanitto Lite is a lite and powerful software for image scanning from TWAIN scanners. Scanitto Lite allows you scan images, save scanned images to various formats (bmp, jpeg, tiff, png, pdf, gif), output images directly to the printer (make a copy) and manage scanned images.

βœ“ Using Scanitto Lite you can easily and simply scan images, documents or photos, and save them in a format which is necessary for you. Also Scanitto Lite gives you the flexibility of direct-printing on your printer, allowing use of your printer and scanner as a copy machine.

βœ“ Scanitto Lite is simple to use, all that you need is: choose a scanner, setup a scanning settings and a folder for saving scanned images. After scanning you can directly print your images.

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