03 PhD Programs – Fully Funded at University of Heidelberg, Germany

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University of Heidelberg, Germany invites online application for multiple fully funded PhD Programs in various research areas. Candidates interested in fully funded PhD positions can check the details and may apply as soon as possible.

1. PhD Programs in Compiler/CAD tools

Summary of PhD Positions:

At the chair of computer architecture for a duration of 2 years with the possibility of extension to 4 years. The expected start period is January 2023 – April 2023. The position provides an exceptional flexibility and a broad range of research and education themes. The skills gained in this position are excellent preparations for a career in academia as well as dynamic industrial environments such as start-ups.

Application Deadlines: October 30th, 2022

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2. PhD Programs in neurosciences & AI

Summary of PhD Positions:

In an interdisciplinary network of philosophy, computer science, neurosciences and linguistics, a joint research project will investigate (1) how the increasing relevance and further development of artificial intelligence (AI) affects conceptualizations of biological intelligence (BI) in the neurosciences, and ( 2) what effects these conceptualizations of AI and BI have on the human self-understanding.

Large text corpora from the fields of computer science, neuroscience and ethical-legal statements are examined on the basis of corpus and computational linguistic methods. Using a qualitative and quantitative analysis, explicit and implicit concepts of AI and BI are extracted from the text corpora and compared with each other, and their ethical implications for human self-understanding are highlighted.

Application Deadlines: October 31, 2022

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3. PhD Programs in Applied Economics

Summary of PhD Positions:

Successful candidates will write a dissertation on a topic related to the research of the Chair. This includes topics from the fields of Labor, Urban or International Economics. Research projects should have a large empirical component. Candidates may be asked to complete PhD level courses, which are offered in cooperation with the University of Mannheim. They are expected to assist in teaching activities. The salary is set in accordance with the German public sector scale TV-L E13 at 66%.

Application Deadlines: November 2, 2022

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