03 Fully Funded PhD Programs at Lund University, Sweden

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Are you holding Master’s degree and looking for fully funded PhD positions? Lund University, Sweden invites online application for multiple funded PhD Programs / fully funded PhD positions in various research areas.

Candidates interested in fully funded PhD positions can check the details and may apply as soon as possible. Interested and eligible applicants may submit their online application for PhD programs via the University’s Online Application Portal. 

1. Fully Funded PhD Position in Statistics

Summary of PhD Program:

The primary focus of this project involves both theoretical and applied work in optimal design (design of experiments) and Gaussian processes, with a specific application in epidemiology. The lead investigator for this project is Associate Professor Jonas Wallin. 

Application Deadline: 31.May.2024

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2. Fully Funded PhD Position in Geotechnical Engineering with focus on Dynamic analysis 

Summary of PhD Program:

The main duties of doctoral students are to devote themselves to their research studies which includes participating in research projects and third cycle courses. The work duties will also include teaching and other departmental duties (no more than 20%). The position concerns research in dynamics and wave propagation, applied to installation of steel sheet piles in the ground. The research work includes development of numerical methods and models for analysis of vibrations and dynamic response with particular interest in stop criteria for cases when blocks are encountered during installation. Experimental investigations will be performed for model verification purposes.

Application Deadline: 03.May.2024

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3. Fully Funded PhD Position in Human Ecology

Summary of PhD Program:

Communal alternatives ‘from below,’ while different in scale and reach, constitute multiple forms of resistance and struggles for re-existence revealing other horizons of the possible – a world where many worlds fit. These include initiatives with a specific focus like sustainable and holistic agriculture, community led water/energy/food sovereignty, solidarity and sharing economies, worker control of production facilities, resource/knowledge commons, and inter-ethnic peace and harmony, to more holistic or rounded transformations such as those being attempted by the Zapatista in Chiapas and the Kurds in Rojava. Alternatives also include the revival of ancient traditions and the emergence of new worldviews that re-establish humanity’s place within nature, as a basis for human dignity and equality.

Application Deadline: 01.May.2024

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