10 Best Coaching Platforms of 2023

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What Are Coaching Platforms Software?

Online coaching has evolved significantly over the past decade transitioning from in-person and telephonic-only offerings to those more appropriately classified as digital coaching or remote coaching. This type of coaching may still incorporate telephonic or in-person sessions, but coaching tools and technologies, such as online coaching platforms, have enabled businesses to launch highly scalable models and programming without compromising client engagement or coaching effectiveness.

Top Best AI Writing Software of 2023

1. Thinkific

Key Features

✓ Create, market and sell your expertise with a single platform that gives you total control of your brand and business.

✓ Quickly create professional digital learning products for any kind of audience with a user-friendly course builder, no coding or technical expertise required.

✓ Control every aspect of the course site to align to your business needs and put your branded expertise front-and-center. The best part — you control the pricing and you keep all your revenue, with no hidden fees.

✓ You own the entire experience across all your digital products and sales pages to turn your audience into customers. That includes pricing, your revenue, course data, the look and feel -everything.

✓ On the Thinkific App Store, you can integrate your course business with industry leaders you already know and trust to grow even faster.

✓ With student data analytics at your fingertips, you can inform your future course content and marketing efforts.

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2. Acuity Scheduling

Key Features

✓ Say goodbye to phone tag. With your customized scheduling page, clients can easily view your real-time availability and self-schedule their own appointments.

✓ Manage multiple locations and employees, only show your clients the calendar you want them to see, and harness all the flexibility to make scheduling work for you.

✓ Auto-adjust for time zones, let clients easily cancel & reschedule themselves, and send automated reminders to keep clients prompt.

✓ Ask clients to fill out intake forms at the point of booking, so you’ll have everything you need to know about them in one place.

✓ It’s a cohesive, user-friendly system for running your business end-to-end.

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3. CoachAccountable

Key Features

✓ Coaches commonly get bogged down by the day-to-day admin work of running a coaching business, so we made a system that automates away the drudge work, freeing up coaches to do the work they really care about.

✓ It is essential to attract and retain quality clients, so we made a system that helps coaches be professional and demonstrably results-based, enabling them to land more clients and have a thriving business.

✓ Coaches often struggle to have their clients do the work to get maximum value, so we made a system that keeps clients moving forward between sessions, giving clients more results and thus more value from coaching.

✓ Coaches ultimately aim to attract clients and cause the best possible results for them, so we built a system that helps them do both: allowing them to produce the best results, with the most people, giving them a thriving business.

✓ We have what we call the 10-minute test to get the basics set up and see how CoachAccountable can streamline your coaching practice. You can go from brand-new customer to selling coaching on your website in under 3 minutes. Of course, like anything, you can take more time and get more detailed, but generally you’ll be able to get CA up and running for your clients in the span of an afternoon.

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4. TrueCoach

Key Features

✓ Grow your business with the personal trainer software platform trusted by 20,000 coaches. Start your free 14 day trial today! TrueCoach is now FREE for coaches with one active client.

✓ We do the math on compliance numbers for every client program you create. You get an overall snapshot or individual details so you can give your attention to clients who need it, and use your coaching skills to move them forward.

✓ Your clients can enter their workout data for each workout. So you’ll be able to make quality decisions about their next progression with easy-to-see training data at your fingertips.

✓ Our workout builder gives you a big-picture view of a month in the past or in advance, so you know what your clients did or need while you’re designing. This enables you to fast-track design, creation, and delivery.

✓ No more curating workouts on YouTube and linking them to exercises on a spreadsheet. Create your own videos, upload them to TrueCoach, and it’ll auto-link. Or use our library of over 1,200+ pre-loaded strength and conditioning exercise videos.

✓ Your clients can quickly log their workouts, review past results, post comments, or ask you questions all from the free TrueCoach mobile app.

✓ Store all of your coaching videos privately within TrueCoach, or link directly to videos hosted on YouTube or Vimeo, to create your own video library.

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5. My PT Hub

Key Features

✓ My PT Hub is an online web and mobile app that enables personal trainers, coaches, and gym owners to manage their clients with ease. You can create workout and nutrition plans tailored to each individual client, while tracking their progress and achievements.

✓ My PT Hub is fully integrated with Apple Health, Fitbit + Google Fit. Gain deeper insight into clients’ health data, from Active Calories to Lean Body Mass.

✓ Your fitness brand deserves the best tools. That’s why we pack so many features into our software to help you achieve your goals. Cater for both your iOS and Android customers with one, single app that your clients can download whenever, wherever. Elevate your brand and get your own custom personal training app with the help of My PT Hub.

✓ Create and design workouts for all. My PT Hub has an extensive library of over 7,500 HD video exercises for you to make custom workouts for your clients or easily edit one of our templates. Get started with our workout plan features.

✓ With My PT Hub’s clever tools, you can help keep your personal training clients on track. You can build nutrition plans on the go and your clients can log their intake too, giving you real- time feedback as the day unfolds.

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6. Vcita

Key Features

✓ Stay up to date on your client’s activity and understand your clients’ needs. Make better decisions on how to personalize your engagement with them and offer the ultimate client experience.

✓ Send estimates & branded invoices, charge credit cards and receive payments online in just a few clicks. Streamline and automate your payment collection process and never chase your money again.

✓ Enjoy more organized and productive workdays with a powerful business calendar. Keep your calendar full and automate your most time-consuming tasks with self-service booking and automatic appointment reminders.

✓ Create amazing customer experiences and grow your bottom line while you’re at it. Send out targeted and branded email & SMS campaigns like a pro, offering coupons, nurturing your clients and generating repeat business.

✓ Allow your clients to book, pay, contact you or take any other action online, independently and securely. Be available 24/7 with a branded self-service client portal. Getting booked and paid has never been easier!

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7. Satori

Key Features

✓ Reclaim your time and energy to focus on what you love; automate your calendar, simplify your process, and deliver a professional client experience with ease.

✓ Deliver signature coaching packages to individuals and groups, streamline client enrollment and build predictable revenue streams with recurring billing.

✓ Keep track of clients, and keep clients on track with discovery questionnaires, session agenda reminders, and a private client login-in area.

✓ Satori turns a volley of manual emails and forms into a single link your client can use to buy packages, schedule sessions, sign agreements and make payments.

✓ Customise the theme of your booking pages and client login area to match your personal brand; and enjoy a beautiful, branded booking experience on any device.

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8. Nudge Coach

Key Features

✓ Nudge is the most engaging way to deliver program experiences that drive personal growth. Simplify your workflow, organize content, manage clients, all in your own app.

✓ Looking for a better way to engage and impact your clients as you grow your business? Start building your program into the Nudge app now.

✓ Need to launch an app under your brand to grow the impact of your programs without custom software development resources? We’ll help you launch your vision faster.

✓ Online courses aren’t engaging. Everyone’s inbox is a mess. Drive client engagement by building your programs into Nudge Cards instead, so you can engage directly with clients along their journey. With user-friendly content creation, tracking tools, and templates, you can actually keep clients on track without sending emails that go unread.

✓ Your group coaching clients and communities deserve better than noisy social platforms, ads and privacy concerns. Shape your clients’ experience with beautiful, dynamic content-rich program experiences, personal messages, and distractionless communities.

✓ Make staying on track for personal growth easier for your clients by building simple client input forms and habit trackers right into your own coaching app. No one’s life is made better by chasing down spreadsheets and journal entries from a big client list. Build, organize and manage your programs and clients in Nudge.

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9. Paperbell

Key Features

✓ Coaching & consulting are the art of creating space for another human to become a better version of themselves. Whether you’re a life coach, diversity consultant or hiking coach, we’re all here doing the same work at the end of the day.

✓ Paperbell is the New Online Software That Takes Care of Appointment Scheduling, Taking Payments, Contract Signing, Intake Surveys, Client Admin and More

✓Paperbell Is the All-in-One Software That Solves All the Problems of Running Your Coaching/Consulting Business

✓ Paperbell helps all types of coaches & consultants, in all different niches. Some of our customers are earning multiple six figures, and some just have a few clients as a side hustle.

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10. Coach Catalyst

Key Features

✓ Motivation gets a client started; accountability keeps them on track! We give you all the tools you need to monitor compliance and metrics (measurements and progress photos)…all without a calculator or spreadsheet in sight.

✓ Whether you want to run a long-term habit coaching program, a short-term transformation challenge, or need a lead magnet program to engage new clients, our comprehensive done-for-you program library will save you heaps of time. You can also choose to create your own. Programs can contain lessons, actions/habits, workouts, and/or messages…and, like the rest of our platform, the program builder is really intuitive to use.

✓ Flexible and easy-to-use, we have the fastest workout builders on the market. Our pre-loaded library comes with over 1200+ exercises and brand-neutral animated videos – plus, you can also add your own.

✓ Maintain your sanity by keeping all of your client communication in one place with real time messaging! You can send text, audio, video, and attachments as individual messages or as personalized bulk messages. You can also schedule messages in advance (both within a program and for a specific client).

✓ Run an online community from within Coach Catalyst with our newest feature! Give your clients an arena to interact, ask questions, share ideas, and swap tips and recipes. The Communities feature also gives you a space for updates, news, announcements and group workouts.

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