12 PhD Programs – Fully Funded at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

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Karolinska Institutet, Sweden invites online application for multiple fully funded PhD Programs in various research areas. Candidates interested in fully funded PhD positions can check the details and may apply as soon as possible.

1. PhD Programs in Upper gastrointestinal cancer

Summary of PhD Positions:

The PhD project will examine how use of certain potentially anti-carcinogenic medications, e.g., hormonal therapy, anti-inflammatory drugs, statins, and proton pump inhibitors, influence the risk of and survival in cancer of the oesophagus and stomach.

Data come from a very large case-control study, entitled the Nordic Gastric and Esophageal Tumour Study (NordGETS), which builds on information collected from well-maintained and nationwide registries in the five Nordic countries (Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland). Cases are patients with oesophageal or gastric cancer and controls are 10 times as many individuals from the general populations of the five countries.

The main work task is to conduct research. The PhD student will draft study protocols, evaluate relevant literature, perform data management and statistical analyses, and write scientific articles, reviews, and a PhD thesis in the English language. Except for research, other mandatory parts of the PhD education are participation in PhD courses, research seminars and international conference(s). We also have weekly research group meetings, end-of-term activities and planning days. 

Application Deadlines: 09.Mar.2023

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2. PhD Programs in Cognitive Neuroscience

Summary of PhD Positions:

The doctoral student will lead a new project that aims to investigate how our brains encode the attention of others. The research group has recently characterized a novel mechanism by which the brain encodes others’ attention as an implied motion connecting agents to attended objects. Although people show no awareness of this agent-to-object motion, it has a significant effect on behavioral measures of motion processing, on motion-processing brain areas, and on social cognitive decisions about the attention of others.

Using sophisticated behavioral methods and brain imaging, this project will examine whether this attention-related motion signal has a specific speed, how it extends in space, whether it scales with the number of attending agents, and whether we represent our own attention from a first-person perspective in a similar manner. The doctoral student will also be able to develop own ideas within the areas of social cognition and attention.

Setting up experiments, analyzing data and writing scientific articles is also part of the doctoral students responsibilities. The research group have access to two state-of-the-art 3-Tesla MRI scanners at the Karolinska Institutet and Stockholm University Brain Imaging Center (SUBIC), and collaborate with a group of neurosurgeons in Portland (Oregon, USA) for intracranial EEG experiments.

Application Deadlines: 06.Mar.2023

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3. PhD Programs in Breast Cancer Bioinformatics

Summary of PhD Positions:

Our team uses data from large scale omics-based technologies to derive novel insight into cancer biology. Taking this knowledge and determining its value in a routine clinical cancer setting is of central importance to the work we do. In this PhD position, we are specifically interested in understanding the differences in cell cycle transition genes and oncogenic signalling between cell cycle phases in breast cancer subtypes using large collections of single cell RNA-sequencing data.

In addition, we aim to assess the impact of the tumour microenvironment on cell cycle activity using cutting edge spatial transcriptomic technology on whole breast tumour sections. Your goal will be to fulfill these aims through hypothesis driven data analysis, the application of innovative methodology including machine learning and AI techniques and by eventually taking a lead role in combining the diverse expertise of a supportive and experienced research team.

You will publish as first author in biological and clinical cancer journals, building your cv into to that of a successful translational researcher with the support to allow you to evolve into a well-rounded, independent scientist.

Application Deadlines: 05.Mar.2023

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4. PhD Programs in Leukemia niche

Summary of PhD Positions:

The doctoral project will be conducted under the main supervisor Hong Qian, co-supervisors Julian Walfridsson, Andreas Lennartsson and Johanna Ungerstedt with unique expertise on gene regulation, epigenetics and myeloid nalignancies, respectively.

The project will be focusing to uncover the molecular pathways that mediate leukemic cell interactions with their niche and can serve as potential therapeutic targets for myeloid leukemia, particularly, AML which is a devastating disease with very poor treatment outcome in most of the patients. Recent studies from Hong Qian group have revealed an array of altered niche factors in AML.

Among them, we have shown that laminin a4 chain (Lama4), a receptor-binding chain of extracellular matrix protein laminin isoforms, inhibits AML progression and relapse since loss of Lama4 in host microenvironment accelerates AML onset and relapse (Cai, et al., Blood, 2022). One of the aims within this project will be to reveal molecular mechanisms mediating the functional impact of Lama4 on AML and potential therapeutic effects of Lama4 on AML?

Application Deadlines: 02.Mar.2023

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5. PhD Programs in microbiome research

Summary of PhD Positions:

You will be part of the unit for cervical cancer elimination at the Department of Clinical Science, Intervention and Technology at Karolinska Institutet. We aim to understand risk factors and prognostic indicators for, and prevent various human papillomavirus (HPV)-associated cancers. We also study the role of other microorganisms in the development of cancer.

We use various tools to study this, including population and health registries, large-scale cohorts and databases, randomized intervention studies and various biobanks, as well as mathematical modelling. We use advanced epidemiology and modeling combined with basic research ideas and molecular studies. 

We are looking for a PhD student who will study the role of microorganisms in the development of cancer. By using databases with sequencing data from tumors, the presence of already known but also unknown microorganisms that may be associated with cancer can be identified. Using machine learning (ML), the PhD student will then create models that can extract microbial characteristics that have the potential to predict the onset of different types of cancer.

Application Deadlines: 01.Mar.2023

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6. PhD Programs in environment and health in healthcare

Summary of PhD Positions:

The doctoral position is located within the unit for occupational medicine at IMM. At the unit, various physical and psychosocial risk factors in working life and their impact on individuals’ health are studied. The unit is multi-professional and includes researchers with a background in medicine, epidemiology, psychology, physiotherapy, technology, etc. The unit is responsible for the master’s program in Work and Health. The unit has doctoral students and post-docs. The doctoral student will be offered regular seminars and group meetings. 

The doctoral student will work within the project Sustainable health care. The overall aim of the project is to study the prevalence of work-related ill-health among healthcare personnel in Sweden as well as to study its causes and societal consequences. The doctoral student is expected to write four scripts for scientific articles that are published in international scientific journals.

Application Deadlines: 2023-02-28

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7. PhD Programs in immunobiology of Merkel cell carcinoma

Summary of PhD Positions:

The doctoral projects will focus on the identification of predictive biomarkers for immune checkpoint blockade (ICB) response and characterization of immune evasion mechanisms in MCC. The student will use single cell technologies to understand tumor-immune interplay in ICB response and perform functional studies to investigate the immune evasion mechanisms, under the supervision of Weng-Onn Lui (principal supervisor) and Andreas Lundqvist (co-supervisor) with their respective expertise in cancer biology and tumor immunology.

The projects are run in collaboration with both national and international researchers and conducted in human clinical samples and experimental models using a combination of single cell spatial technologies, biochemistry, molecular biology and immunological methods.

The student is expected to play a strong role in scientific hypothesis, experimental design, experimentation, data analysis, presentation of results at meeting and conferences, and manuscript preparation. The student will be responsible to follow the general rules and regulations and time plan of the doctoral program.

Application Deadlines: 28.Feb.2023

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8. PhD Programs in functional oxylipidomics of allergy and asthma

Summary of PhD Positions:

This project is a focused effort to understand the biosynthesis of lipid mediators in relation to the pathobiology of inflammation. The project will provide the doctoral student with the opportunity to investigate research questions centered on the role of dietary omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids in the context of allergy and asthma.

The student will be trained in a range of bioanalytical techniques that will collectively provide education in analytical chemistry, liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry, cell biology and clinical study design.

The primary focus will be on the use of mass spectrometry to quantify lipid mediators produced from different immune cell populations and in clinical cohorts. This multi-disciplinary PhD project will involve collaborating with several international research groups, with opportunities for travel and extended research visits.

Application Deadlines: 28.Feb.2023

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9. PhD Programs in Neuroscience

Summary of PhD Positions:

You will be joining the El Manira laboratory at the Department of Neuroscience. Our research aims at understanding how the diversity of neurons and circuits in the central nervous system controls the versatility of motor behavior. We use a range of advanced techniques including electrophysiology, optogenetics, imaging and molecular biology to link the function of neurons, circuits and behavior.

To complete a doctoral education means to devote oneself to a research project under the supervision of an experienced researcher and to follow an individual study plan. The doctoral student will also take courses and write a thesis.

After completing their doctoral education at KI, students are to have developed an advanced general knowledge of medical science and scientific methodology, and cutting-edge scientific skills. For this project the successful student will, using advanced electrophysiology, optogenetics, calcium imaging and behavioral analysis, examine how circuits in the brain and spinal cord control motor behavior.

Application Deadlines: 28.Feb.2023

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10. PhD Programs in physical activity in various cancers

Summary of PhD Positions:

The doctoral position is connected to the research group Physical activity and sports medicine with a focus on prevention. The research group includes senior and junior researchers, postdocs and doctoral students. We investigate the relationship between physical activity and health, both in the general population and for people with disabilities or illnesses.

Our research is partly about mapping physical activity and partly about methods to promote physical activity. We use movement sensors to obtain objective measurements and experiment with new methods of rehabilitation. Part of this is utilizing new technology, for example in the form of mobile apps, to support patients. 

The doctoral project is about studying how physical activity, sedentary behavior and sleep affect the risk of developing various cancers, based on epidemiological studies. The doctoral project is also about mapping e-health interventions, by conducting an literature study, as well as studying experiences of an e-health intervention among individuals with cancer.

The goal of the research is to identify strategies for primary and secondary prevention of various cancers. The doctoral student is expected to work with data collection, data management, data analysis, manuscript writing, present results at international conferences and take research courses.

Application Deadlines: 23.Feb.2023

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11. PhD Programs in exercise physiology

Summary of PhD Positions:

In the Molecular Exercise Physiology group at the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, the research aims to create a better understanding of the biological mechanisms that regulate the adaptation to exercise in humans. You will work in a research team led by Jessica Norrbom, assistant senior lecturer, in different projects that focus on adaptation to exercise in children and adolescents. The research group is multidisciplinary and collaborates with researchers at other national and international universities.

We are now looking for a person for employment as a doctoral student with a focus on investigating acute and long-term effects of aerobic and resistance exercise in pre-pubertal children, with special emphasis on adaptations that occur in skeletal muscle and the immune system.

The doctoral student project includes studying the effects of 12 weeks of resistance training on muscle strength, muscle size, functional adaptation, immune cell proportions and gene expression in pre-pubertal children, as well as the immune response after acute endurance and resistance exercise in pre-pubertal children.

The doctoral student is expected to conduct a variety of exercise performance tests as well as participation during exercise intervention studies, assisting in sampling, compilation of data and statistical analysis and writing of scientific texts.

Application Deadlines: 22.Feb.2023

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12. PhD Programs in Molecular biology focusing on neurodevelopmental disorders

Summary of PhD Positions:

Sellgren group is part of the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, located in Biomedicum, a new interdisciplinary research center designed to concentrate much of the experimental research conducted at Karolinska Institutet Campus Solna.

Our research focuses on developing induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-derived cellular 3D models to study neurodevelopmental disorders. The research is well funded from various national and international funding agencies.

The project is focused on developing and characterizing a novel iPSC-derived cellular 3D model in the context of schizophrenia. To this end, the candidate will use investigate various cellular and genetic aspects of neurodevelopment in a disease context and perform integrated functional studies.

Application Deadlines: 20.Feb.2023

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