03 Fully Funded PhD Programs at Coventry University, England

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Are you holding Master’s degree and looking for fully funded PhD positions? Coventry University, England invites online application for multiple funded PhD Programs / fully funded PhD positions in various research areas.

Candidates interested in fully funded PhD positions can check the details and may apply as soon as possible. Interested and eligible applicants may submit their online application for PhD programs via the University’s Online Application Portal. 

1. Fully Funded PhD Position in Coventry Race XChange

Summary of PhD Program:

Coventry University and Warwick University are working jointly to fully fund a number of dual award PhD studentships matched with experienced PhD supervisors from across both institutions. Our aim is to build and sustain an innovative research cluster comprising doctoral students who are developing their own individual research alongside a group of staff committed to supporting their doctoral journeys and passionate about understanding issues of race in higher education.

Application Deadline: 30 November 2023

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2. Fully Funded PhD Position in development of formaldehyde-free electroless copper plating

Summary of PhD Program:

Electroless copper utilises formaldehyde as a reducing agent to deposit pure copper. However, formaldehyde is hazardous and alternative reducing agents have been sought e.g. glyoxylic acid, sodium hypophosphite, Fe(II) etc but all have their drawbacks. Although there has been some work on boron-based reducing agents such as DMAB they require closer control of the operating conditions.

However, boron-based compounds, like borohydrides, offer interesting possibilities for electroless deposition. Copper-boron alloys have good electrical conductivity and are widely known to resist oxidation so they could make a significant contribution for corrosion protection of complex-shaped parts.

The project will also investigate the use of reducing sugars as alternatives to formaldehyde and the utilization of non-aqueous solvents such as deep eutectic solvents for electroless deposition of copper to see if this approach may widen the scope for alternative reducing agents.

Application Deadline: 26 January 2024

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3. Fully Funded PhD Position in Culture, Creativity and Place-based Development

Summary of PhD Program:

Some examples of this conceptual array include Inclusive Growth, Ordinary Cities, Community Economies/Diverse Economies, Informal Economies, Social and Solidarity Economies, Cultural Democracy, Everyday and Foundational Economies, Doughnut Economics, Regenerative and Transition Economies.

The aim of this PhD will be to undertake theoretical, conceptual and empirical investigation of the role and value of culture and creativity in and across emergent models of local and regional development. The PhD offers the potential for transdisciplinary types of research design and methodology to be proposed.

Application Deadline: 15 January 2024

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