Fully Funded PhD in Psychology at Tulane University, United States

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Fully Funded PhD in Psychology at Tulane University

Graduate studies leading to the Ph.D. degree in psychology are designed to offer the student training in a major research area within psychology, expertise in quantitative and design methodology, and varied research opportunities.

Students study either School Psychology or an area of Psychological Science (Social Psychology or Brain, Cognition & Developmental Science).

Students in the Psychological Science PhD program additionally can complete a graduate certificate in Health Psychology. The School Psychology program is accredited by the American Psychological Association; students in the School Psychology PhD program additionally can complete a graduate certificate in Trauma-Focused School Psychology.

Eligibility Criteria  

Undergraduate majors in psychology who have satisfactorily completed courses in general psychology, statistics, and research methods are preferred. Applicants to the School Psychology Program should, in addition, have taken psychological testing. Exceptions may be made for outstanding students in other disciplines.

In most instances, minimum criteria for consideration for financial aid are an overall undergraduate GPA of 3.2, as well as a major GPA of 3.4; as indicated below in the profile of our current students, most admitted candidates exceed these minimum qualifications. Evidence of research experience in psychology is highly desirable.


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PhD Funding Coverage

Doctoral level students can be considered for any of the following mechanisms of annual financial support:

Full time teaching assistantships are available to the majority of entering students for the first five years of study. A full teaching assistantship involves teaching duties of 12-15 hours per week, including instruction of laboratory sections or assisting in lecture courses. Such a position includes full tuition remission and a modest stipend.

Stipends for 2020-2021 are $20,544 for 9 months. Stipend rates increase periodically in response to changes in cost of living. For students who adopt the university health insurance plan, the School or Department provide partial support (currently 50%) for the individual’s own coverage.

Selected students may be funded by research assistantships from internal or extramural grant sources. Research assistantships carry both a tuition waiver and stipend commensurate with the level of a teaching assistantship.

Additional annual summer support is available in the form of research and teaching awards. Research awards of $3000 are granted to up to seven students yearly.

Additional funding is available for advanced doctoral students through myriad of fellowship opportunities, dissertation research awards, and through adjunct teaching positions. Students who do not receive other aid may be eligible for graduate work-study positions within the Department.

Application Requirement

Applications must be submitted through the on-line application system. To be considered for admission, all of the following documents must be received by the School of Science and Engineering by December 1st.

  • A completed application form.
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation.
  • Transcripts from all undergraduate institutions attended and of any previous graduate work completed.
  • The Graduate Record Examination is not required.
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) scores, or the equivalent, for applicants whose native language is not English.
  • Commitment to diversity statement.
  • Statement of experiences and interests (“personal statement”).

Application Deadline

Applications for all doctoral programs in Psychology must be submitted by December 1st.

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