Fully Funded PhD in Epidemiology at Vanderbilt University, United States

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About Fully Funded PhD in Epidemiology

Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, provides a PhD in Epidemiology that is completely supported.

All students admitted to the Epidemiology PhD program receive a full tuition scholarship, stipend, health insurance, and fee coverage.

All students, both domestic and international, receive the same financial assistance. The annual stipend is $36,500.

PhD in Epidemiology Eligibility

  • A Master’s degree in a quantitative discipline (preferably epidemiology or biostatistics)
  • Experience in the conduct of research and independent data analysis
  • Work or research experience that informs their content area interest
  • Strong quantitative preparation and aptitude, including high GRE scores
  • Interest in application of advanced quantitative methods within a content area
  • Orientation towards an academic career
  • Competence in an accepted analytic software package (SAS, STATA or R).

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Fully Funded PhD in Epidemiology FAQ

What is the application deadline?

The Epidemiology PhD program application deadline is December 31. 

Is the GRE required?

We do not require GRE scores. You may choose to include it if it helps demonstrate a skill that isn’t captured elsewhere in your application, but it is optional and will not be used when evaluating candidates.

Can I waive the English language (TOEFL) requirement?

Yes, if you have received a degree from an institution where the primary instruction was in English. For documentation we’ll need a transcript in English, a certificate of English instruction, or a link to the school’s webpage where it states that instruction is in English.
Note that waivers can only be applied to an open application. You must start your application before requesting a waiver.

Do you offer an application fee waiver?

Once your application is complete, the Graduate School automatically applies a fee waiver for candidates meeting their qualifications. If they determine you do not qualify, then we will review all fee waiver requests for competed applications after December 1. In such cases, we ask for a justification (1-2 paragraphs) for the waiver request.

Are there scholarships/funding opportunities that I can apply for?

Our program is fully funded. All accepted students receive full support – including tuition, insurance, and fees – in addition to an annual stipend (2023-2024 rate is $36,500). There is not a separate application process for funding. Funding is granted to all accepted students, both domestic and international.

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