Fully Funded PhD in Education at Boston University, United States

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Fully Funded PhD in Education at Boston University

The PhD in Educational Studies at Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development is designed for students who wish to contribute to the field’s understanding of teaching and learning through research.

Students gain a strong foundation in research methods and in the theoretical and conceptual frameworks of current educational research as they become immersed in the community of student and faculty scholars within the college and across the University.

The PhD in Educational Studies prepares students for careers as research-active faculty in R1 institutions, with a focus on research in one of four areas of specialization:

  • Educational Policy Studies
  • Language & Literacy Education
  • Math & Science Education
  • Special Education

Eligibility Criteria  

All applicants to the PhD in Educational Studies must have a bachelor’s degree or be on track to complete a bachelor’s degree when they apply.


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PhD Funding Coverage

Students admitted to the PhD in Educational Studies will be fully funded for five years, with the expectation that the PhD will be completed within that time frame, with a limit of seven years.

Students are not eligible to be admitted to the program on a part-time enrollment basis. Students work closely with BU Wheelock faculty as assistants in research and teaching, as they work to augment their knowledge and skills through their coursework, residency, and research.

Application Requirement

Please review the following detailed description for each application requirement:

1. Application Form

Your application to BU Wheelock College of Education & Human Development can be completed online. Before you can submit your application, be sure to fill out all the required information. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

2. Statement of Qualifications & Objectives

Write a statement describing your research background and your field of study, and what motivates you to pursue a PhD. Describe specific research topics or questions you may want to explore during your doctoral study. This statement should also include information on BU Wheelock faculty and projects and how they relate to your own research goals.

3. Equity & Inclusion Statement

Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development is committed to equity, access, inclusion, and social justice. Please include a statement about how your characteristics, outlook, and experiences will contribute to making a more equitable and just world. This statement should be no more than two double-spaced pages.

4. Résumé/Curriculum Vitae

We require applicants to BU Wheelock to submit a résumé or curriculum vitae (CV) that should contain a summary of relevant job experiences and education. You may also include relevant activities, awards, and interests. We do not require or recommend any particular format for résumés or CVs.

5. Transcripts

On the online application, you should upload unofficial transcripts from all the colleges or universities you attended. Acceptable unofficial transcripts include

  • An official copy that has been opened and scanned
  • A degree progress report
  • An electronic transcript screenshot

6. Letters of Recommendation

We require two letters of recommendation to accompany your application to BU Wheelock. You may submit more than two letters, but this is not required. Letters of recommendation should come from instructors, direct supervisors, or others you believe are in a position to appraise your skills and ability accurately.

7. English Proficiency

You may need to submit official test scores that show your English proficiency. We require official English proficiency test score reports for applicants:

  • Whose first language is not English and,
  • Who have not previously received a degree from an institution in which the primary language of instruction was English.

8. Analytical Essay (optional)

Identify key arguments on a current educational or social issue in your field. Include your analysis and conclusions and cite references that inform your understanding. This essay may be a new work or a previously written essay. There is no specific length requirement for this essay.

9. Optional Essay

You may submit an additional essay with any information you want to bring to the Admissions Committee’s attention. If you’re reapplying to a BU Wheelock program, we encourage you to use this essay to discuss how your application has changed or improved from the last time you applied.

10. Application Fee

If you are applying for a degree program, we require a nonrefundable application fee of $95. Non-degree applications require a $25 fee. 

Application Deadline

December 1

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