Fully Funded PhD in Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry at University of California Davis, United States

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About Fully Funded PhD Position

The University of California, Davis, provides a PhD in Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry that is completely supported.

Graduate students in the program create an academic program that is tailored to their specific requirements and interests.

Environmental & analytical chemistry, biological & toxicological chemistry, food & wine chemistry, and fiber & polymer chemistry are the four specialization options for coursework.

The usual admission offer includes financial support from the Graduate Group for two quarters for PhD candidates. This assistance includes a wage, tuition, and fees, as well as health insurance.

After group support has ended, students are usually paid by their major professor, a teaching assistantship, or a fellowship, whether internal or external.


Applicants do not need to have a degree in chemistry, but are expected to have taken the following coursework:

  • Organic Chemistry: 1 year, equivalent to UC Davis courses Chemistry (CHE) 128 A, B, C
  • Physical Chemistry: equivalent to either UCD Chemistry (CHE) 107 A, B or Chemistry 110 A, B, C
  • Two additional upper division courses in chemistry (e.g., inorganic, biochemistry, analytical, food, pharmaceutical, or environmental

Eligibility Criteria

We are looking for students who are excited to use chemistry to explore important research topics, from contaminants in the environment to antioxidants in wine. Here are some of the criteria that we use to make admissions decisions:

  • A good academic background with significant chemistry coursework.
  • Previous experience in research or other lab work, although this is not required.
  • Enthusiasm about joining our group for graduate school. As part of this, it is helpful if you identify faculty with whom you’d like to work.
  • The ability to work independently and overcome problems.
  • Contributions to diversity, including assistance to others.

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Required Documents

  • Transcripts
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Application Fee
  • TOEFL, -IELTS, or Duolingo English

Official Notification

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