Enrichment Scholarship at University of Queensland, Australia

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About Enrichment Scholarship 

  • Enrolment status: Current UQ student
  • Student type: Domestic, International
  • Study level: Undergraduate, Honours, Postgraduate coursework
  • Study area: All study areas
  • Scholarship focus: Experiences and employability
  • Scholarship value: Up to $1,000
  • Scholarship duration: One off payment
  • Number awarded: May vary

Eligibility Criteria

You’re eligible if you:

1. are undertaking extra-curricular activities that enhance your employability and enrich your studies such as:

  • research programs
  • work experience and virtual internships
  • conferences
  • leadership programs
  • any other extra-curricular activities where you are selected to represent UQ.

2. And you:

  • are a domestic student or a full-degree international student
  • are currently enrolled in an undergraduate, honours, graduate certificate, graduate diploma or coursework masters
  • remain enrolled for the duration of the activity.

Grants are available for activities that take place across a maximum of one teaching week (up to 5 weekdays). If you want to undertake an activity across a full teaching week must have a cumulative GPA of 4.5 on your UQ studies report.

If you have activities that will go longer than one teaching week you may still be eligible, if you receive approval from the Associate Dean- Academic of your faculty (these approvals are only given in exceptional circumstances).

How to Apply?

You can apply for one grant per round and receive a maximum of 2 grants throughout your studies at UQ.

Apply using the online application form in StudentHub (student login required).

If you’re undertaking an activity with a group of 3 or more you can indicate on your application form that you’re part of a group activity, however each of you needs to submit an individual application.

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Application Deadlines

Applications open 4 times during the year:

  • 15 March – for an activity commencing mid April to 30 June
  • 15 May – for an activity commencing mid June to 30 September
  • 15 August – for an activity commencing mid-September to 31 December
  • 15 November – for an activity commencing mid-December to 30 April

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Selection criteria

We’ll consider:

  • academic merit
  • financial hardship

Official Notification

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